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For the love of make-up, boots, and boys. Today is Thursday, May 25, 2017

What Happens when those butterflies turn blah?


There's something so exciting about a new relationship. I don't know what it is about it I like the most exactly. Maybe how every new thing you learn about your boy makes you feel so much closer, like you're a part of his world. Or that feeling you get when you look at him across the table at one of those awkward first dinner dates and think "wow, this guys all mine." It's a really nice feeling.

But to me, there's nothing more "nice" than your first hookup together! That first steamy kiss, especially when you're going through a dry patch *ahem* is so exhilerating, it's like you never want to stop. But more than that it can be so weird because you don't know every single thing about this guy! You don't know what he finds cute, what he wants, what he likes. That explosion of butterflies... The way he kisses is new and exciting. Starting fresh is amazing!

And then out of nowhere those butterflies go blah? Now what?

What do you do when you have a caring boy that provides you with all the love and support you need... and you start to feel like you're seriously missing out on that amazing little spark? And all the hookups you could be scoring with your ticking teenage charm? I mean, that won't last forever will it? And hey, while I'm young something in me is telling me to date around while I have the chance to figure out what I like in a guy.

"Life isn't about hookups" my moms told me, irritated as usual by my philosophy. (She thinks I don't know about what she got up to when she was my age)... And while I obviously know that, she also makes it seem like I should be marrying this boyfriend I have. But at 17, it's terrifying for me to think "this is it." I never envisioned myself being in such a long relationship at this age. Sure he's sweet and amazing... But I'm afraid I'll feel deprived, like I haven't gotten all those firsts out of my system.

"Butterflies go away" I've been told. You don't see married couples giggling and sneaking off together like teenagers. These longterm couples are comfortable. They know everything about each other. They know what makes their partner tick. Now that's special too.

And when you're spending so much of your time involved with this significant other there's a lot of past their. Stories, and beautiful moments you share... And while butterflies may fade the comfort there is more than enough reason to stick around.

But what about when things get too comfortable?

Would you break away from a comfotable relationship to play the field? Whats your favorite thing about a new relationship? Date around or one long term commited relationship? Could you see yourself marrying a high school sweetheart? Let me know your take on all this in the comments :)

For the love of boots and boys,


Healthy Tip


Add a squeeze of lemon to your tea and you'll up the number of catechins your body can absorb by 80 percent. Citrus boosts antioxidant absorption.


Tunic + Cutout = Forever 21 Love


If there's two things in life I love it's forever 21 and cute mini dresses. When I spotted this look I felt the need to share it right away.

I've never layered a tunic over a dress before, but I can tell you I've been ispired. Simply sinch a long tunic over a skin tight mini dress with a cute belt, and you have an interesting, cute, flirty, but not over the top look.

I'll be sure to put a form fitting mini and embellished tunic top into my back to school list.


Summer Flings or a Steady Thing?


Hey all, heres a question for you.

Do you think it's worth keeping a relationship through the summer, or are you more into the whole summer fling thing.

It seems like most of the long standing relationships in my school have been ending as we ease into summer vacation. I think that most people like the idea of steamy summer hookups, and chasing cuties on vacations. I mean, who doesn't. But I wonder if people are ending good things for the sake of flings.

Most of my friends are single and constantly looking for guys, and sometimes it can be hard when you're the only one who chose to keep a good boyfriend around. Sometimes I'm jealous of their freedom. And if you're single, why not, there's something so fun about meeting new cuties and seeing where things will go. But I decided, personally, having someone to hold when I need him is more important than using and getting used. But that's just me.

The pros of staying with my boyfriend seem to outway the cons. Even though I won't be single this summer, there'll still be times for beach hookups and late night skinny dipping sess's. Just with my guy.

So what about you? Summer flings or a steady thing?

Whats your beauty routine for the summer?


Victoria's Secret Dropped a Bombshell


This week I stopped at the mall for a dress I'll be needing for an upcoming event. I popped into Victoria Secrets as usual and decided to try on the new "Bombshell" bra that boasts miraculously adding 2 cups sizes.

 Well, I tried it on, and it made my tiny A's look like generous B's at least, plus it added some nice cleavage. I just had to buy it!

Because I'm petite, I've found I can pull off wearing this bra to school, as it makes me look somewhat normal, and not like a porn star. I could imagine it being a little overbearing for those with "a little more up top."

Either way, I'm very happy with the bombshell, and it's the only pushup bra to date that gave me the results I've been craving.

It comes in a variety of cute colors, some more lacey then others. Me, I went for "nude" because I want to be able to wear it with anything. (It was fairly expensive, at 48$) Some of the lacier varieties cost a little more. It is cheaper then surgery however, and believe me, it'll make it look like you had work done.

Comfort wise, I've found the straps do tend to dig into my shoulders, but it's not unbearable, and hey, somethings gotta give if I plan on hoisting that high. They are adjustable though, so if you're more comfort driven feel free to loosen things up a bit. This bra is underwired, stuffed to the max, and yes, you will be squeezed and shoved around but the results are spectacular.

My ratings:

Overall look *****

Comfort ***

Cost (48-54$) ***

Styles *****

I recommend this bra to anybody looking for some nice lift, or if you're bigger, a "wow factor". Personally, I don't think my A's will ever be "wow" but this bra makes them look pretty damn good.

Now a question for you. Have you ever tried this bra, and if so, what did you think of it? Also, whats your favorite kind of bra to wear, and any recommendations on some good brands? I've heard good things about the "wonder bra" as well.

For the love of boots and boys,

Elle :)

Pick up yours here:


Rain rain go away...


It's days like these that make me want to curl up in a ball.

I don't know about where you live, but its raining so hard it feels like a hurricane here in Boston! Plus its a nice gross lukewarm temperature to go outside that compliments the humidity to a key.

It's hard to protect your locks from frizz, especially when you're caught off guard. Ponytails and buns help you avoid the static hair effect, plus guard against frizz. Tight braids help keep water from penetrating your hair, plus they look super cute when you undo them, and your hair has a nice wavy look.

What better time them to investigate some cute hairstyles appropriate for rainy days? I wish I'd worn one of these cute looks to school.

I think this looks very cute, plus it doesnt matter if the look's a little wind blown. I'd simply french braid back from the crown. Or if you don't know how, try just braiding long peices near your face and pulling them back into a messy bun or pony.

This look is perfect for second day hair. It looks casual, plus the peicey bangs add look natural and low maintenance.

Messy buns look nice with a little poof on the front, keep some peices let loose in the back. This will help you avoid the slicked back ballerina look.

A thick braid pulled into a side pony adds volume.

It's nice to be prepared with some no-fail looks for days when the weather is less then perfect.

Take care :)

xo Elle



The Truth about Teens


So honestly, us teens are at the top of the world.

I know what you're thinking. It's that kind of attitude that gets us into trouble. But really. Who else has this kind of deal in life? We've got room and board. We've got our freedoms. Guys find us more interesting then any COD game ever invented. We go to party's and dance like we're crazy. We live for life.

Sure, we've got our problems too. We face life changing decisions. We've gotta keep on saying no to the drinks guys are passing our way. We've got to learn to drive. We've got to form our own decisions on sex (Where and when!) We learn when to say no. When to say yes. And when to walk away.

It's kind of a big change. It's like one second your some awkward twelve year old. Then the braces come off, the boobs grow in, you learn how to dress, how to style, how to attract those cuties we all love so much.

Here at teen candy, I'll post what goes on in my teen years. Make-up advice and tutorials. The latest in fashion. Personal experiences. I'll be in need of some advice all along the way. I'll answer questions concerning your problems to.

It's like a cool little hangout right here on the web.

For the love of make-up, boots, and boys,


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