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For the love of make-up, boots, and boys. Today is Thursday, May 25, 2017

Summer Flings or a Steady Thing?


Hey all, heres a question for you.

Do you think it's worth keeping a relationship through the summer, or are you more into the whole summer fling thing.

It seems like most of the long standing relationships in my school have been ending as we ease into summer vacation. I think that most people like the idea of steamy summer hookups, and chasing cuties on vacations. I mean, who doesn't. But I wonder if people are ending good things for the sake of flings.

Most of my friends are single and constantly looking for guys, and sometimes it can be hard when you're the only one who chose to keep a good boyfriend around. Sometimes I'm jealous of their freedom. And if you're single, why not, there's something so fun about meeting new cuties and seeing where things will go. But I decided, personally, having someone to hold when I need him is more important than using and getting used. But that's just me.

The pros of staying with my boyfriend seem to outway the cons. Even though I won't be single this summer, there'll still be times for beach hookups and late night skinny dipping sess's. Just with my guy.

So what about you? Summer flings or a steady thing?

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Well if you already have a steady guy who you really like or love; I don't think you should end thing up because you want a summer fling. However, if you are single and just having fun maybe the summer fling will work for you, and maybe it can lead to steady relationship. It all depends where you are in life.

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I wish I could have a steady guy around for the summer. I'm terrible at this single and being flirty thing. lol. But since I am single I am trying to make the best of it, and there is definitely alot of eye candy around lately, so who knows :-)

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I agree toty. In summer 2008 I met a boy (myspace, haha) and we ended up hanging out so much over the summer that I could tell from the second we started talking that it wasn't just a fling. We're still together today! =) Summer flings can be fun, but like you said it's nice not to be used. But at the same time the second you decide that "you need is boyfriend" is when they all going running in the other direction it seems. At the time I was just happy being me, and then he came into my life. =) life just happens I guess.

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Thanks for the comments! totygoliguez, I totally agree all the way. I'd say it depends on who you are and what you're looking for.

sweetmisery, thats exactly what makes summer such a great time to be adventurous. :) You'll probably never bump into many of the guys again (unless you want to of course, haha). I used to be pretty shy, but over the summer going into soph year I really branched out, took risks in love, and met some cool people. One of which is my current boyfriend :)

and inlove23, thats exactly what makes summer flings so worth it! That's awesome you're still together too. And I feel like thats the perfect way to meet someone great :)

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Totally off topic, but... that babe on the right side of the picture needs to pull his pants up an inch!

Anyway, I prefer being single completely. It's rare that I meet a man I'm attracted to, but I love going out and living it up and flirting with the babes. Relationships are comfortable but singleness is energizing, I really don't know how else to describe it.

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I prefer the steady thing, that being said, of course meaning if I find the right person. Flings are fun, and exciting, but after a while it gets tiring.... You're constantly meeting new people, and it's a roller coaster of feeling up and down!
For me, when I meet a new guy, it usually goes like this: "Omg he's so cute and sweet and nice!! He did this, this and that!" Then after getting to know someone better, it goes like this: "Well he's actually not as great as I thought. He's a jerk really"
Now I have the best guy I've ever met (which did start out with me thinking it's only a temporary thing)!! Never once was I envious of my single friends. Nor am I getting too comfortable and taking him for granted. I still get butterflies when I look at him, and I fall in love all over again.

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does no one believe in a real committed relationship anymore? is that why my current relationship stinks? i mean, i get the fling thing, but it's ok to be committed to someone and love them. there are too many things to worried about, can i just finally relax about having a normal relationship?....i'm not bitter or anything

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I'm in the middle of figuring all of this out myself. And I have no clue which one I prefer...Scratch that. I would much prefer, in the long run, to be in a committed relationship. I do not want to be a "Samantha" in my fifties. But now, a recent dumpee and a very, very new "single" lady, summer flings have been just the ticket. I may have been a bit of a glutton in this department, but hey, every girl needs a little fling now and then. (Or at least that's what I'll keep telling myself...)
I've begun a blog just recently about this whole issue - being single, what that means, what's right/wrong...which will all be based on my trials and tribulations (mainly, embarrassing failures). Check it out ladies!

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